• Planting design with sustainability and longevity as our primary focus.

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  • Our planting plans are produced based on Jamie’s extensive knowledge of growing and tending to a huge array of plants.

    Creating innovative combinations that will seamlessly knit together and bring your outdoor space to life, no matter the location or setting. Our combinations are tried and tested to ensure they create the very best displays.

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  • As part of the design service, we carry out extensive soil tests to enable us to put together plants that not only look amazing, but are horticulturally correct for your specific location.

    This includes, soil type, soil PH, moisture, aspect and many more scientific tests that allow us to confidently and accurately design sustainable planting.

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  • At the beginning of the project, you will be presented with a portfolio including a planting plan, mood board and an illustration of what to expect for each design we do. A full package that can be implemented whenever you wish.

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  • We collaborate with garden designers and landscape architects to produce planting plans that complement the overall design of the garden, enhancing the design with technically accurate planting that knits together and provides enjoyment for many years.

    Whether it’s part of a larger design, or simply just an addition to an existing garden, we can help with all aspects of plant design.

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