• Bespoke aftercare services, carried out by expert horticulturists.

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  • A garden continually develops and transforms.

    Your project will grow, adapt and change long after it is established. Therefore a tailored aftercare plan is fundamental to the longevity of a garden and its design.

    Our team of experts sustain and nurture your plants to the highest of horticultural standards. Consequently, your garden will thrive to its full potential for years to come, giving you the most from your outdoor space.

    We would love to help care for your garden; whether you are a designer enquiring after the maintenance of a recently completed project, or a homeowner looking to replenish their garden. Get in touch to find out how we can make the most of your outdoor space.

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  • Specific aftercare packages are developed to suit your unique requirements.

    Your plants will be monitored and cared for regularly while under our care. We ensure that the space is kept tidy and all plants are in top condition by visiting your garden weekly. Subsequent to each visit a task sheet is completed. This document details completed tasks with any notes and will be sent to you for your records.

    We offer a unique guarantee on all plants in gardens that have been designed, supplied and installed by us. By trusting us with the aftercare of your garden as part of this package, you will be entitled to a warranty on all plants. We are on hand to replace any defective plant promptly. Thereby you can be rest assured that the longevity of your garden is safe in the hands of experts.


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  • We guarantee that your garden is looking its best all year round.

    From planting spring bulbs to sweeping autumn debris, replenishing your borders with summer colour to winter pruning your apple trees; we have the tools, skill and expertise to complete all seasonal tasks to the highest of horticultural standards.

    Our aftercare service goes beyond weekly watering, sweeping and pruning. As part of our maintenance packages we ensure that your garden can be enjoyed all yearlong.

    For instance, if your space begins to feel lack-lustre, supplementary planting can be arranged to bring extra seasonal colour. Perhaps you have larger plants that require assistance; whether annually or biannually, we have the equipment and expertise to trim and tidy hedges and large shrubs. Our team of qualified arboriculturists are able to advise on and undergo any tree maintenance. We can even ensure that the garden is perfectly prepared ahead of any pre-planned entertaining.

    In short, our team have the expertise and drive to ensure that your garden looks beautiful all year round.

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  • Clearance and Restoration

    Often a garden might not require a complete renovation. We are frequently trusted to clear neglected beds and borders, replenishing them with happy, healthy plants.

    Whether a project involves planting large, established trees or decorative bedding; our expertise ensures that all plants are healthy, suited to their location, and established properly.

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  • Tree Surgery

    Our arboricultural team offer a range of tree maintenance services, and operate throughout Southern England and Central London.

    Qualified tree surgeons have the expertise to advise on and implement any tree removal or management issues. This service extends to tree pollarding, stump removal, and crown reduction; even to the maintenance of large hedges and shrubs. We have the skill and expertise to assist with all arboricultural needs; from minor pruning, to stump removal, from complete felling, to crown works.

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