• The Wedgwood Garden, RHS Chatsworth Flower Show 2019

  • It’s always great when you get rewarded while doing something that you love.

    Jamie’s record-breaking sweep of awards saw the garden collect a RHS Gold Medal, as well as awards for Best Show Garden, Best in Construction and People’s Choice. With Keyscape Design & Construction by his side, Jamie’s debut show garden saw him break RHS history.

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  • At Butterworth Horticulture, we are plants-people.

    Therefore, the planting was of most importance in this design. The hard-landscaping in the garden was kept simple and seamless to allow the perennial planting to shine.

    A dense herbaceous border was created, with colours inspired by the Wedgwood’s Jasperware collection; iridescent blue delphiniums, deep purple Salvia ‘Caradonna’ and Verbena ‘Bampton’, soft Geranium ‘Mrs Kendall Clark’ and vibrant purple Papaver ‘Lauren’s Grape’. These bold colours were softened by textural, glistening Deschampsia ‘Garnet Schist’ and lacy blooms of Cenolophium denudatum.

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  • The garden contained some beautiful specimen trees, below which could not be planted in the same fashion as the dense herbaceous border full of sun-loving perennials. Consequently, the planting shifts to a scheme of shade-happy, woodland style planting beneath the canopies.

    This variation in planting sees a shift in colour. Textural, undulating leaves of Asarum europaeum and Epimedium x rubrum crept between the plants to create continuity. Large architectural Rodgersia leaves sprung from the delicate foil beneath it – this plant proved very popular at show gardens this year, appearing in numerous Main Avenue gardens at RHS Chelsea. Glossy leaves of various Hosta’s looked mesmerising decorated with raindrops; it rained a lot during the show so we had plenty of opportunity to enjoy this.

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  • Of course no garden is complete without considered structural planting.

    Mounds of copper beach rose throughout the garden. Not only did this serve as an elegant backdrop for the vibrant perennial planting to contrast against, but they served to tie the whole garden together.

    Two Cornus kousa framed the garden, a bronze coloured variety, ‘Cappuncino’, had creamy white flowers which gleamed in the shade of the large copper beech tree. However, Cornus kousa ‘Starlight’, which sat at the front of the garden, was a star of the show. We received many questions from the public after it, everyone complementing its vibrant green blooms.

    We love Cornus, a relatively small, compact tree with oodles of interest. Clusters of unusual flowers are followed by deep pink fruit, then glorious autumn foliage. A very hard-working plant indeed.

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  • The garden was designed with its relocation to the World of Wedgwood factory in mind.

    Jamie wanted to create a garden that celebrated community, bringing people together to relax and enjoy time spent outdoors.

    A colossal oak table was commissioned to Mark Eveleigh, which was carved from Turkey oak to create a central feature in the garden. Throughout the show the table was adorned in fruit, Wedgwood tea and scones, blankets, and cut flowers from the herbaceous borders – just as Jamie had intended it to be used.

    Espalier fruit trees were planted near by, with the idea that they can be easily harvested and enjoyed fresh in the eating space. These provided interesting structure, but were specified as an example of plants which were used in John Wedgwood’s very own garden.

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  • To all of our collaborators and sponsors.

    Jamie’s dream could not have been possible if it weren’t for the overwhelming support from the garden’s sponsors and collaborators.

    Thank you to Rupert Keys and his team at Keyscape Design & Build, show worked tirelessly and did the hard-landscaping spotlessly, making the garden well worthy of it’s award for Best in Construction.

    Finally, to the sponsors, Wedgwood, for trusting Jamie with the design of their prestigious headline sponsors spot. Thank you for the opportunity, what an absolute pleasure!

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