• Sunningdale, Berkshire

  • A terraced oasis, bursting with seasonal colour.

    Planting commenced after the hard-landscaping was complete. The client required a low maintenance space with seasonal interest, somewhere in which to sit on a summer evening with a glass of something cold, to relax and enjoy the surroundings.

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  • Two Amelanchier lamarkii were planted to provide dappled shade, accompanied by a planting palette of effervescent purples throughout the warmer months – delicate wisteria, nodding allium heads, deep violet lupins. The vibrant colours were enhanced with a foil of Epimedium and Hakonechloa.

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  • We continue to care for, restock and restore this garden.

    We nurture this garden as one of our maintenance contracts, visiting this property routinely to ensure that all surfaces remain pristine and debris free, and that all plants are flourishing.

    Each season we rejuvenate the planting with colour, guaranteeing that this terrace is a beautiful place to look out upon whatever the time of year.

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